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The Rise of 4D Dynamic Technology

ClearX aligners are a series of clear aligners manufactured using 4D technology. Based upon simple first principles of physics and mechanics, ClearX provides advantages on several multitudes whether for the practitioner, patient as well as our planet.

ClearX Live Intro Webinar

You just decided to tap into the world of modern orthodontics.

Join our 1.5-2-hour online intro course for ClearX and experience the science behind 4D technology in clear aligners.

ClearX represents how 4D technology is redefining orthodontics.

It combines new material science features together with the internet of medical things IoT, to bring smartness and dental monitoring to a different level.

Watch webinar here

Enter password ClearX@2020WEB to access webinar

Delivery of Avant Guard ClearX aligners

  • Patient receives the ClearX aligners accompanied by one aligner booster
  • Each aligner is worn for 3 weeks
  • Each aligner is activated once every week


Aligner booster usage

  • Controls very precise reshaping of aligner to subsequent shape
  • Controls chronological activation of the aligners
  • Data gathering per patient

Avant Guard Clear X Mobile App

For a seemless and well controlled treatment flow, the aligner booster is accessed easily and individualy per patient.The software guides the patient easily through the steps of aligner activation.

  • Controls precise aligner reshaping
  • Controls scheduled aligner boosting
  • Monitor and report treatment performance


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Avant Guard Clear X - aligners come with a multitude of advantages

Advantages range from ecofriendly, economical, biological and technical perspectives. 

Aligners exhibit more flexibility and less stress relaxation over a longer period of wearing than normal aligners.

  • 65% Lower Cost
  • 40% Less Time
  • 35% Faster Results
  • 20% Accuracy

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