Covid-19 Supply Chain Update

To all our valued customers,

We would like to update you on our efforts to deal with the challenging and unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

As you know, the COVID-19 situation is developing fast and changing day by day. DD is focused on maintaining our high standards of customer service and meeting your expectations within the current supply chain challenges we are facing. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult period, which we appreciate is also very challenging for you as dedicated health care professionals. Below is a summary of the most up to date information relating to the UK supply chain:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Due to the slowdown in manufacturing in China and other parts of Asia, some supplies have run dry. We are doing everything we can to source products from existing suppliers and to find alternate sources of supply where possible. To date we have been able to maintain supply by allocating stock to customers when potential shortages arose. We know allocation is inherently imperfect, so we review this on a daily basis, and will lift any restriction as soon as we can.


  • The department of health have supplied level 3 surgical masks from their pandemic stores for distribution to practices in England only. For other regions, DD has been supplying stock where we can source batches of stock from international traders. However, we are liaising with NHS Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to source from stocks they may have in reserve.  
  • Due to increased demand we are now allocating face masks to a maximum of 10 boxes per practice per week.
  • Please note we prioritise these products and restrict them initially to Dental Professionals with a GDC number. Our main focus being to supply medical professionals.
  • The supply chain is likely to open up again in the weeks ahead as China begins to recover. Our Procurement team are confident we will have some mask supplies available over the coming weeks. However, we anticipate much higher prices, and some shortages may persist for a little longer.


  • The supply chain for gloves is more stable than masks. However, demand is still high. Malaysia supplies large amounts of the world’s glove requirements and have just started to see an impact from Covid-19. Therefore, restriction on sales for some of the more popular sizes may occur in the future.


We have stock of UnoTect+ Face Shields Disposable. Refill pack of 12 (DD code: PYG323). However, due to the increased demand we are restricting to purchases 5 packs per order. Supply has been fairly stable to date.

Other Infection Control Products:

As you are aware, disinfectant sprays, wipes, hand sanitisers and soaps are in high demand due to the global pandemic guidance on how to slow down transmission of COVID-19. Due to limited supplies, we are experiencing shortages. Where possible, our website ( will direct you to alternatives and please be assured that our Procurement team are working hard to source new supplies. We will keep you updated regarding progress, so please check our website regularly.

Keeping up to date

DD are in direct and daily contact with the Department of Health, BDIA, BDA, and other relevant bodies. Through these channels, we are keeping updated and follow recommended guidance. We have a sourcing team with strong international experience across a number of healthcare sectors. We will keep you updated as supply chains either slow down or recover over the coming weeks.

Possible order delays

Please be aware that due to the high volume of order requests and enquiries, you may experience a short delay in delivery. In addition, we have decided not to accept orders on items that we cannot fulfil from our current stock. This situation will hopefully be a temporary until the supply chain recovers. Please monitor our website for supply chain updates (


Please note that DD are not trying to profiteer from this unfortunate situation and that any price increases you notice are due to many companies having to bid for the same batches of stock. In addition, to supply stock as quickly as possible, airfreight is being used due to the time to receive stock by boat. This mode of transport increases cost. Consequently, prices are fluctuating all the time. For example, masks are now being priced on international markets at around £25-£30 per box of 50 (landed in the UK). Frequently, due to the current ‘trading environment’ across supply chains, we are all experiencing price fluctuations in a supply starved market.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible warehouse, engineering staff and contact centre team who have been inundated and are working tirelessly to ensure orders and engineering services are fulfilled for customers in these uncertain times. Their dedication and hard work is truly inspiring.

Once again, thank you for bearing with us, we appreciate your continued support, patience and understanding during this difficult period. We wish you all to stay safe and take care of one another. We will endeavour to update you regularly with supply chain information to enable better planning of workflow. For up to date product availability please visit

For your information, DD accepts and acts on its responsibility (duty of care) as a supplier of prescription only medicines (POMs) and other medical products and services supplied to the NHS, dentistry and other medical professionals. Therefore, we aim to provide the best possible service throughout this challenging period.

Yours sincerely

Paul Adams  Managing Director, DD        Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani  Head of Clinical, DD