DD Backs 3D Printing Medical Parts Initiative with £10k Resin Donation

DD has pledged its support to the 3D Printing COVID-19 Dental and Medical Part Initiative with a donation of more than £10,000 worth of resin as dentists join forces to support the NHS by printing components for ventilators and Personal Protection Equipment.

Created by the International Digital Dental Academy and spearheaded by Professor Adam Nulty, the initiative has already rallied the support of hundreds of volunteer dentists and technicians with the combined capacity to 3D print thousands of urgent parts every day. Labs and individual digital dentists across the country have thrown in their support.

Paul Adams managing director of DD said: “This is truly a fantastic initiative and one DD is proud to support.

“It’s incredible to see the dental community joining forces to fight Covid-19 and help their NHS colleagues save lives.”

The donation from DD will provide more than one hundred litres of resin for the initiative.

Professor Nulty said: “It is truly unprecedented for such a large volume of dental labs and individual digital dentists to be working in partnership to make a difference in keeping frontline teams safe as they save lives on a completely voluntary basis.

“We have had some ingenious and open to use designs created by the wider community and also closer to home with digital dentists such as Dr Dan Shaffer who has been an invaluable contributor in producing, testing and making sure the parts are fit for purpose before they are mass produced.”

For more information about how to get involved in the 3D Printing COVID-19 Dental and Medical Part Initiative or for frontline staff to request parts visit www.3dprintcovid19.com