Real Good Dental finds a real good partner in DD

As one of the largest dental groups in Scotland the Real Good Dental Group needed a partner it could trust for all of its practice needs. Its business manager Sophie Trolio talks to us about why it chose DD and how the group has benefitted.

Real Good Dental doesn’t think of itself as a homogenised provider of dental treatments, its practices retain their individual personalities, and they benefit from being part of a wider group in many ways.

As well as offering NHS and general dentistry from all of its practices its focus is now shifting into specialist treatments like implants, oral surgery, orthodontics and facial aesthetics and DD has been supporting the group every step of the way.

While the dentists in the group are supported by an array of dental specialists, including dental nurses, receptionists, practice managers and trainees who all benefit from centralised core functions like NHS compliance, training and the leverage of a larger group.

DD - an exclusive partner

Business manager Sophie Trolio explains:

“I trained as a dental nurse and worked as a practice manager of a large practice before I joined the Real Good Dental Group over five years ago. I manage the group from head office and over the years my role has evolved from running single site practices to centralising most systems – and leveraging the benefits that brings.

“We need a partner we can rely on to provide sundries and consumables, keep our small equipment working and a servicing partner to keep our decontamination equipment safe. We chose DD.”

DD is now the exclusive supplier of all Good Dental Group’s consumable needs as well as supporting most of its small equipment maintenance and servicing,  radiation training and the maintenance and validation of its decontamination equipment.

Competitive pricing and a relationship that works both ways

And she is delighted with the levels of service she receives as a key account.

“We’ve got a key account manager, Tom Corcoran, who is our go to person. He looks after all aspects of DD for me and oversees the whole package which makes it run smoothly and easily.

“They are competitively priced, and the investment works both ways, we buy from and invest in DD and in return they go over and above to provide the best service,” says Sophie.

Reduced down time on handpieces

And there are many areas where Real Good Dental has seen real financial benefit from the partnership including reduced down time on its small equipment and discovering new ways to maintain handpieces.

“DD are very good on service offering next day repairs and helping us maintain all of our small equipment and handpieces. Jason Jewitt has provided training days for the team showing us how to maintain our equipment and giving us lots of tips we wouldn’t have known that prolong the life of our handpieces,” says Sophie.

DD has even provided expertise for Real Good Dental’s practice acquisitions. “It’s vital to make sure all of the equipment we are buying is suitable and safe – DD helps with this. We need to know our equipment is safe before any of that equipment goes near a patient’s mouth,” explains Sophie.

The focus on handpieces, training the team how to use them, store them and look after them has paid real dividends for the Group, which reports a significant reduction in small equipment down time since they entered into the exclusive partnership at the end of last year.

Good knowledgeable people and safe equipment

But it’s not just handpiece expertise that has impressed Sophie.

“We use DD for training and compliance, including radiation protection, they’ve got good knowledgeable people and a members area on their website which keeps us up to date.

“And we have a maintenance contract for our decontamination equipment which takes care of all of the testing and official documentation we need to keep the equipment safe,” says Sophie.

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