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CS 1200

Delivering high image resolution (1024 x 768), the CS 1200 reveals even the smallest details. As an affordable entry point into digital imaging, the CS 1200 puts high-quality intra-oral images within the reach of any practice.

Thanks to the camera’s crisp, high-quality images, the CS 1200 facilitates communication with your patients and is a perfect tool for patient education. And, more informed patients are more likely to make smarter decisions about their treatment-improving revenue opportunities and maximising return on investment.

CS 1500

The ideal communication tool for any dental practitioner. Delivering precise, true-to-life images with each shot, the CS 1500 camera provides the powerful evidence you need to educate patients and to help them visualise their diagnosis and treatment plan. Let patients see exactly what you see – so they make smarter decisions, and are more likely to accept treatment.

Boasting the industry’s highest still image resolution, the CS 1500 camera provides all the functions you need to capture sharp, clear colour images. And with the widest focus range available (1mm to infinity), practitioners can clearly view even the smallest details – making treatment planning and patient education easier and more accurate than ever.

Soprocare 717 Camera

Utilises unique patented fluorescent technology. Features 3 Modes: Perio - Illuminates new plaque, old plaque, gum inflammation. Cario - For diagnosing caries. Daylight - A preset focus ring provides sharp images. In Daylight mode, macro magnifies the image 100 times to reveal details not visible to the naked eye. Wavelength 440-680nm.

Gives real time information without the need for patient preparation or calibration of the handpiece before the examination. Twain device - Software only used to capture images, rather than to help diagnosis in Perio Cario mode and can work with other 3rd party software. All-in-one device with no need to change camera heads – helping to combat cross-infection and speed up examination time.

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