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TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible caries. Using TRIOS 4, dental professionals can now be aided in the early-detection of surface caries, without the need for an additional scanning device. The new generation of TRIOS smart tips feature instant-heat technology for optimised scanning.

• Be scan-ready in seconds with instant-heat technology.
• Scan 2-3 times as many patients with instant-heat in combination with 30% more battery life.
• Optimal scanning due to automatic use counter and tip-change alert.




Take advantage of the award-winning TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner to enhance patient experience, reduce chair-time and unlock new treatment opportunities. Unlike many other solutions, TRIOS 3 gives you continuous software updates, and optional dental treatment modules to ensure that your practice stays ahead as your business grows stronger.

• Make digital impressions using superior scanning technology
• Get access to an unrivalled open ecosystem
• Excite patients for faster case acceptance
• Offer same-day treatments
• Preventative care possibilities


TRIOS 3 Basic

Features the same core scanning technology seen in all TRIOS models. Now the market’s best scanning technology made available for customers who previously may not have had the budget to go digital.

TRIOS 3 Basic enables professionals to go beyond conventional impression-taking with a predictable and efficient “scan and send-to-lab” digital workflow. It comes with unique-to-TRIOS features like, AI Scan, real colours and shade measurement, but does not include TRIOS excitement apps TRIOS Patient Monitoring, Treatment Simulator & Smile Design or Restorative and Orthodontic software.

TRIOS 3 Basic features a lightweight scanner handle, ultrafast insane speed scanning and documented accuracy for indications from implant scanning to orthodontics.


CS 3600

The Carestream Dental intraoral scanner CS 3600 transforms your practice by helping you and your patients move quickly and comfortably from exam to treatment.

A real cost-effective alternative to traditional silicone impression systems whilst eliminating some of the errors associated with poor patient tolerance or other factors that inhibit the creation of that perfect impression!


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