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From the TePe Original Interdental Brush and the ergonomically designed Angled Interdental Brush, to the TePe EasyPick™ and sustainably produced Good Toothbrushes TePe offers a variety of products designed to keep your patient’s mouth and teeth healthy.

TePe’s oral care range is appreciated and endorsed by dental professionals for its high quality, clinical application, and because it fulfils the strict criteria for safe and hygienic oral use.

All TePe products are made in Sweden, the TePe Original Interdental Brush is the number 1 selling interdental brush in the UK and is recommended by 94% of dental hygienists*.

* Source: A survey of 201 dental hygienists in the UK, Ipsos, (2019)

The Sustainable Choice

For our interdental brushes, we have rapidly reduced our carbon footprint by using the existing plastic manufacturing infrastructure but with more sustainable raw materials. Pine oil is a by-product of the paper industry which is mixed with oils from other sources - a process called the Mass Balance Method. The process is independently audited by the ISCC and has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by 80%.

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Discover the TePe GOOD range

We’ve devoted more than 50 years to improving people's oral health. And we’ve been successful. Now we’re taking the next step towards a healthier life. Thanks to the use of the renewable raw materials, sugar cane and castor oil, we now manage to recirculate up to 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions during the life cycle of our GOOD Toothbrush.

Discover the Full Range

TePe Implant Care Kit

The TePe Implant Care Kit is an all in one solution for your patients implant cleaning needs, handily presented in a single box. Specially selected from the TePe range,  it provides everything your patients need to provide optimum home care for their implants.

The box contains: TePe IDB Extra Soft, TePe Compact Tuft, TePe Universal Care, TePe Implant Ortho Brush, TePe Bridge and Implant Floss .

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