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Approved dosimetry services

Landauer is a Health & Safety Executive Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS) for whole body, extremity and skin dose assessment and record keeping under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17). In Ireland, their services are approved by the RPII in pursuance of S.I. 125/2000. Landauer operates in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17025:2005 and the specific requirements needed to satisfy the various laboratory and testing accreditations to operate dosimetry services in a diverse range of countries. Their quality manual, procedures and instructions are regularly reviewed and updated.

Kindly note that should you decide to avail of this service, your contract of purchase will be with Landauer Europe. DD does not stock any radiation monitoring dosemeters; these are sent directly by Landauer and for monitoring purposes, the radiation dosemeters are required to be returned directly back to Landauer Europe. The responsibility for these products, for feedback, queries and concerns lies with Landauer Europe; product returns will not be accepted by DD.

The Landauer Service offer includes free of charge:

Reports and data storage

Participants name and staff number on badge face as required

Badge clip holders and replacements

Access to the Landauer web-based information and management system myLDR

UK based customer service centre

Re-analysis of OSL technology dosemeters

Detailed Dose Reports with ‘Hot Line’ notification of above limit results

Dynamic/Static exposure indicator – automatically reported with limit results

Online Account Management System

In addition to supplying personal dosimetry, Landauer provide access to their online account management system through myLDR.  myLDR is a web based account management service that enables you, at no extra charge, to:

Efficiently manage your entire dosimetry program online

Give badged individuals access to their personal dose information

Go paperless (opt out of receiving paper dosimetry reports).

Request for your login details by providing the required information on the Landauer Customer Form.

Please click here to download the Landauer Customer Form.

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