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CS 8100

Digital Panoramic System

The CS 8100 is a sleek and simple panoramic unit that’s ideal for everyday use. Blending advanced, sophisticated technology in an extremely simple and compact system, the CS 8100 makes positioning easier, image acquisition faster, and higher image quality more accessible.

Simply put, it’s exactly what you need to streamline your workflow, improve usability, and make more accurate, realtime diagnoses than ever.

PAX-I & OPG with Ceph

Digital Panoramic System

Features an advanced X-Ray Image Sensor for the best level of image quality. The smallest focal spot (0.35mm x 0.5mm) and newly developed geometry algorithm to achieve the world’s best image quality.

OPG, Sinus & TMJ Imaging; High quality multiple image views. CAN (Controller Area Network) Communication System offers higher levels of stability and reliability. Voice & Visual Guidance System for Patient Comfort. Laser Positioning Beams; Vertical, Horizontal & Canine for accurate patient positioning.

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