Hello and welcome to another great issue of Discover Magazine.

Gracing our cover this month is one of the most exciting young dentists in the UK. We were lucky enough to interview Dr Shiraz Khan, aesthetic and restorative dentist, to find out more about his career, travelling the world talking to the next generation of dentists, breakdancing (yes, breakdancing) and being an award winner.

We take on a challenging endodontic case with Dr Sagi Shavit and spend the day with Dr Tim Eldridge (and Teddy the dog) at his practice in Cheltenham, myFACE.

While In the Chair, Dr Ganase Dharrie-Maharaj talks about aviation and how it’s inspired him to create a high-flying training course for dentists.

And Michael Farrow, SDI European sales manager, answers patients’ FQAs on teeth whitening.

We also get to know DD business consultant, Leeanne Noone a little better – it seems she’s a fan of travel and holidaying…

Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani
Head of Clinical

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