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Do you know how to, and have you completed a risk assessment of your practice assessing the hazards and the risks?

The hazard is anything that may cause somebody harm such as, dental materials, dental equipment like a compressor, waste management, repetitive movements, slips, trips and falls or even an open drawer.

The risk is the likelihood, high or low, that somebody could be harmed by the hazard together with an indication of how serious the harm could be. DD's experienced assessors will complete a risk assessment of the practice using their in-depth knowledge.

Why do I need this assessment?

All employers and any person who is self-employed are required to assess the risks in the workplace according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 (risk assessment.

How long is this assessment valid?

DD recommends a Health & Safety Risk assessment is carried out every 12-24 months or sooner if there are to be any maintenance work or structural changes to your premises.

How long will this assessment take?

For 4 surgeries it should take approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.

What does this assessment include?

  • Identify the hazards
  • Who might be harmed and how?
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on the precautions to be taken
  • Record the findings
  • The practice can then: Implement the changes, review the assessment and update when necessary

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