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How often do I need my Suction Pump servicing?

The majority of manufacturers recommend you have an annual service.

How long will it take?

It takes around an hour on average to service a Suction Pump.

 What does our Engineer do?

  • Switch off unit
  • Check & note the serial number
  • Remove covers as necessary
  • Check and remove any collected amalgam waste and dispose of in line with practice policy
  • Ensure that there are no stored fluids and drainage waste
  • Follow manufacturers guidelines for servicing requirements, replace parts as required by manufacturer
  • Check, clean or replace where necessary any filters
  • Switch unit on
  • Test unit for correct operation in line with manufacturers guidelines
  • Check for signs of any leaks
  • Dispose of any used and contaminated parts in line with the practice policy
  • Refit covers as necessary
  • Complete all paperwork

DD also now offer a service to check and validate the volume of air flow per minute within your suction pump. This will confirm whether your suction pump is operating efficiently, effectively and providing the required high volume of suction to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

How much do you charge?

Pricing available on request phone 01376 391100.


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