Cleaning and Disinfection of Dental Practice Surfaces

Schülke – experts in infection prevention and control – have an extensive product range to meet the demands of dental practices where patient safety is a priority.

Infection prevention is a critical aspect of dental practice to protect both patients and staff.

The effective cleaning of all surfaces is essential to help prevent cross infection.

HTM 01-05 6.57 states that ‘the use of disinfectant or detergent will reduce contamination on surfaces’.

It’s helpful to understand the difference between a detergent and a disinfectant, as they are not the same, although some surface cleaners do combine the two. Cleaning involves the removal of soil like pus and blood from a surface and a detergent is required for this cleaning process. Disinfection is about killing or inactivating microorganisms and disinfectants are chemicals with proven antimicrobial activity.

Schülke – experts in infection prevention – have a range of effective products for use in dental practices, where the highest standards of cleanliness are essential. The mikrozid® range offers products for all areas of the practice in a variety of formats including wipes, sprays and liquids. The range is also available in alcohol based, low alcohol and alcohol free formulations to meet the specific cleaning and disinfection requirements of all surfaces.

mikrozid® liquid provides effective cleaning and disinfection in a single ready to use product. Effective against bacteria (including TB), yeast and viruses (including HBV, HCV and Rotavirus) mikrozid liquid is also rapid acting, with added surfactants for additional cleaning performance.

mikrozid® liquid is the first choice for best practice cleaning and disinfection of clinical areas. It has been independently proven that alcohol with an added surfactant is the best option for cleaning and disinfecting high risk and clinical areas; and used correctly alcohol doesn’t bind protein to surfaces. The alcohol ensures accelerated drying times making it ideal for busy practices.

Low-alcohol mikrozid® universal liquid offers dual cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in a single product. It is effective against bacteria including TB, as well as viruses like norovirus. mikrozid® universal contains added surfactants to boost cleaning performance and is fast acting with excellent material compatibility. It can be used to clean touch screens, keyboards and sensitive equipment, as well as dental chairs and surfaces or dental practice items where prolonged exposure to moisture would cause damage.

mikrozid® alcohol free liquid is specifically designed to clean and disinfect  all alcohol sensitive materials including leather, PVC, glass and Perspex. With added surfactants, mikrozid® alcohol free liquid has enhanced cleaning properties as well as being an effective disinfectant.

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