COVID-19 Services & Engineering

We at DD, are committed to providing the Dental market with excellent service and aftersales support.

Given the current uncertainty and unprecedented situation surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to proactively bring to your attention, some of the considerations when reviewing your practice business continuity plans and their effectiveness.

Our team of over 160 dedicated professionals delivering services directly to your practice in the form of equipment supply, maintenance of, compliance support and vCPD staff training, are perfectly placed to support you through such uncertainty.

We have robust, well tested business continuity plans reaching across all our office locations in Essex, Blackpool, Stirling, Belfast & Dublin.

They include; remote working for all our back-office functions to ensure vital continuity of in-field support in the event of equipment failure.

For us to manage priority calls, you can expect a different level of triaging when calling into to our helpdesk.

We intend to prioritise customers under service contract agreements, in situations with surgeries down, then required compliance testing of pressure vessels, X-ray routine servicing and installations of equipment.

If you make the decision to close your practice or the respective UK and Ireland Regulators enforce Dental Emergency Care only, irrespective of the duration, we ask you to follow our Comprehensive checklist to reduce the risk of equipment failure and further potential financial loss when you return to full operation.

On the back of the current uncertainty, we are quite sure all practices will be looking to recover by increasing patient throughput, which means your reliance on equipment maintenance and compliance will be heightened.

To this end, you may wish to book in preventative maintenance or statutory engineering works, whilst your practice is quieter.

This will utilise surgery down time to maximum effect, increase your equipment’s smooth operation and maximises surgery uptime in the immediate future.

More importantly, this will help you comply with your practice insurance.

As you know we also have our handpiece and small equipment division who are on hand to service these items. It is business as usual for DD.

Our customer services teams are here to support please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Key contact details:

Handpiece and small equipment repairs: 01253 600090

Compliance and training solutions: 0800 028 1697, option 1

DD Engineering solutions: Tel 0800 028 1697, option 2


For Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland customers:

BF Mulholland engineering and handpiece repair solutions: Tel 028 94452 668


Yours sincerely,

Scott Selbie

Technical Services Director