There is very little Dr. Nulty, principal dentist at Dentist On The Rock in Greater Manchester, doesn’t know about digital dentistry. But with advances in technology, it is, he admits, a lifelong learning journey. One he is keen to share to help others, so they too can grow their practices.

The piece of equipment that revolutionised my practice was…

For me it was the intra-oral 3D scanner. Without a shadow of doubt my CEREC Omnicam absolutely revolutionised my practice. Today there are multiple intraoral scanners and various milling machines, but a few years ago the clear leader was definitely the Ominicam.

I went outside my comfort zone…

I made a conscious decision after I’d trialed the system that once I received my kit I would never use a lab again for simple restorations. You could say I chose to jump in at the deep end.

By using the hardware daily I took the software and hardware designs to the absolute limits of what it was capable of. Creating my own prosthetics became addictive as I learnt tips and tricks on staining and glazing from the masters.

Overall, I’ve absolutely loved the journey the digital world has taken me on and I’m still learning.

I’m buying new equipment like the 3Shape Trios and using new software as my practice expands. The support I’ve had has been excellent.

Everyone needs support…

Your supplier should be part of your team, mine, which happens to be Dental Directory certainly is.

A good relationship with your supplier allows you to be able to source better equipment, gain invaluable support with set up and training, but also support in achieving your goals.  After all, digital dental equipment isn’t cheap and it can take a while to get up to speed – even longer and more expensive, if you’re doing it alone.

Dental Directory’s online ordering is a huge bonus in the relationship. Their range of digital equipment and the support they offer is second to none.”

There is no secret to being successful in digital dentistry…

Do what you enjoy doing the most.

If you don’t enjoy what you do how can you possibly get the most out of your career or treat your patients the way they deserve.

I’ve worked in a lot of different sectors in the dental world and I love what I do now as I can use technology to design and make a smile in house. It is for me the most rewarding thing. But that won’t be the case for every dentist, there will be other things they want to specialise in or things that are more appropriate for their practice setting.

This may mean doing as many courses as your time and finances allow.

A large proportion of my work is implants. For me it is one of the most rewarding treatments available in modern dentistry and has revolutionised the way we can treat patients, whether it is the placement of implants through guided surgery or the chair side restoration of the implants with crowns or bridges. Those are our surgery’s most common treatments. The next most common procedures I do are orthodontic and prosthetic corrections and makeovers.

A hunger to learn…

Training is not only mandatory for the GDC, but it also increases your knowledge and enables you to treat your patients better and enjoy what you’re doing more. Your patients in turn will be happier in knowing that you’re expanding your knowledge and recommend your services when you give them a superior result.

If you’re not sure where to turn for training that brings me to my next point.

Ask the experts and do your research…

Dental Directory has technical support available to its customers and experts in digital dentistry that can guide you through the whole process.

Final thought…

Don’t be afraid to go for your goals or try something new, especially when it comes to digital dentistry. If you need support just ask. Chris Lefkaditis, Patrik Zachrisson and myself started the Digital Dental Academy to do just that.


Dr. Nulty has been a dentist for 12 years. He is president of the International Digital Dental Academy and the course director and co-founder of the Digital Dental Academy. He is also researching a PhD in Guided Implant Placement at Leeds University.

To learn more about the support available to dentists looking to expand into digital dentistry contact Dental Directory on 0800 585 586 or visit

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