Is your training partner the perfect match or a poor substitute? Take our test

Before you commit and spend that hard-earned training budget, make sure the training partner meets the Training Partner Essential Check List . If not, you could find yourself paying for tedious training… 

Check 1: Location, location, location

Location is very important, but for most training partners completely overlooked.

Don’t just assume that all training needs to be carried out in a location convenient for the trainer – why not consider training that comes to you instead? After all, wouldn’t it add more value to you if the training took place in your practice in surroundings that are familiar and conducive to hands-on learning rather than it being purely theoretical?

The majority of courses offered by DD Training and compliance team are, wherever possible, carried out in practice to provide practical training in the delegates own environment. It’s bespoke and flexible enough to fit around the daily rigours of dental practice life. It’s also available every day of the week.

Check 2: Are you getting value for money or true training value?   

Of course, price is always a consideration, but being cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean the trainer will offer value.

Value is less about price and more about the quality of the training and what you take away from it. 

The old adage that you get what you pay for applies perfectly to trainers, so make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting from the course and what added value the training partner is going to offer you. 

If you’re not gaining value you’re also not saving money, you’re wasting it.

Check 3: Who are they and what are their credentials?

Ask yourself - do the trainers have the right experience for you?

Understanding the pressures dental practices face is a valuable skill for a trainer. It’s also a rarity.

The team at  has a combined 175 years of experience in frontline dentistry and the NHS. Our team has worked as dental nurses, practice managers and even has a hospital dental tutor.

What’s more,  all  trainers are GDC registered and have a minimum of three years experience working within the industry. That said, the average for the team is a staggering 13 years – with one member bringing 27 years as a dental nurse, tutor and a dental assessor to their role.

It’s an impressive pedigree that’s completely unique in the sector. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a big hit with delegates who have taken part in one, if not more, of s 13 available training courses.

Check 4: Do they lecture or listen

The training partner’s approach to delivering their course is key. No one wants to be lectured, instead they want to learn and be listened to.

That’s why trainers don’t teach anyone to suck eggs or point the finger of blame. They know from experience that practices face some really tough challenges and they use their own personal and clinical experience to help guide and support delegates.

Check 5: Will it engage or enrage you?

We’ve all sat, or should I say slept through boring presentations, meetings and yes, with the wrong partner, training too.

But when you’re paying to learn, it should never be boring. It should be engaging and yes, fun – why not? 

DD Training and compliance team trainers use a variety of techniques to keep delegates engaged and enthusiastic. Depending on the course the trainers are hands-on where they can be and so are delegates. They don’t believe in lecturing, instead they’re there to guide, advise and make the training memorable and enjoyable.

Final check, 6: Do they pass the word of mouth test?

Before you choose a training partner ask for recommendations. Good trainers will have good reputations so ask them what their return business is like, who they’ve recently worked with and yes, why not ask them why they should be your partner.

DD Training and compliance team offers a wide range of training courses which cover subjects from basic life support, medical emergencies to COSHH and Legionella awareness and are carried out in your practice to Ensure training is enjoyable and relevant to your environment

The team also offers more specialised courses and hosts seminars across the UK on topics including dental radiography and radiation protection, safeguarding and clinical record keeping.