We review Hygitech’s bespoke drape kits with Alison Williams, clinical manager at Confident Dental and Implant Clinic in Stroud, and reveal that they’ve got convenience, time and cost saving as well as waste reduction in the bag.

Confident Dental and Implant Clinic places implants all day, every day and is an exceptionally popular practice with a team that’s always looking for new ways to improve how they work.

“We’ve been using the Hygitech bespoke drape kits for around a year now. They’ve really benefited every member of the team, they’ve made our lives easier, we’ve saved money and we’ve also significantly reduced the amount of wastage we produce,” says Alison.

A practice time saver

“Like most practices providing dental implant surgery, we previously bought everything we needed separately. Ordering individual items can take time, as can stock control to make sure you have all the elements you need before an implant patient’s appointment. It can become an arduous task that wastes a lot of time that could be better utilised on something else.

“By using the bespoke drape kits we’ve reduced this time significantly. Now we have everything we need in one convenient kit. Looking forward, planning stock control and space within our clinic, we are able to order as many kits as we need for the patients that we have booked in. It couldn’t be easier for us.”

“Hygitech has our kits made up and ready in their warehouse. From our order to arrival in our practice, it’s around a week.”

On the go

And the kits aren’t just perfect for 1 location practices, but also ideal for peripatetic clinicians who treat patients in multiple locations too, says Alison:

“For example, when Dr Colin Neil (one of our dental  implant surgeons, owner and principal dentist at Confident Dental and Implant Clinic) is working outside of the practice, his dental implant nurse  team for that day would just pick up sufficient of our bespoke kits needed for that session and a few spares, just in case. This is easier and more efficient for our support team”.

Tailor made at a click

Hygitech’s bespoke drape kits allows practices to specify down to the smallest of details the surgical kit they need for their clinicians or procedures.

Practices can build their bespoke drape kits by selecting everything they need from a catalogue of over 100 components via a simple and intuitive 3-step online ordering process. 

And that’s not all, each kit can be fully personalised too, include branding, clinician name, degree – you name it and you can tailor made.

Alison adds: “Getting started was easy. To order online you go through a simple 3-step process which takes you through all the components you need – and it’s a process that’s logical and it makes sure you don’t miss any items.

“It’s truly bespoke – you can have multiple kits, for specific treatments such as one kit for general implants and a second for All-on-4 treatments. You can also personalise each item with your branding, we have each of our implant clinician’s names and Confident Dental and Implant Clinic on ours.

“It can take a bit of time to perfect the kit, but the process is simple and we’ve had so much support from both Hygitech and DD. We only need to pick up the phone to ask a question or email the team and we’re confident we’ll get a quick response.

“We’ve adapted our kits over the last year, and that’s the beauty they can evolve as our practice and needs do.”

Counting the cost

Usually convenience comes at a premium, but that’s not the case with the Hygitech. bespoke packs, according to Alison:

“We carried out a cost analysis before we ordered our first batch of Hygitech bespoke kits and we found that we could, as a business, save an average of £5 per patient. It just made sense.  

“We’ve also found that we’re saving money on our waste removal too as there isn’t as much plastic wrapping compared to when we bought items individually. That’s an added recycling bonus.   

“What’s more, because we buy through DD we also benefit from a discount and there are further savings made as your ordering increases.”

Peace of mind

Assembled in an ISO Class 8 standard clean room and sterilised in France, Hygitech personalised kits comply with every demanding standard.

“Every part of the kit is traceable. Hygitech has thought of everything. Each kit has a sticker which clearly shows expiry dates and batch numbers which has simplified our record keeping.

“We started out with the free sample kit Hygitech offers and went from there. And I’m really pleased we did.”

For more information visit https://www.hygitech.co.uk/dentaldirectory/