As a leading manufacturer of saliva ejectors and aspiration tubes, Orsing considers environmental sustainability to be of great importance. Manufacturers of products can make a difference regarding global warming caused by greenhouse gases. By using sugar cane based polyethylene, Orsing reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and helps save our planet for future generations. 

Hygovac Bio is a range of aspirator tubes made of renewable resources, developed to save and reduce the use of fossil resources and the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Taking the necessary steps towards a more  sustainable future it is important that future plastic materials are made from renewable raw materials as well as resource efficient, recyclable and safe from both a health and  environmental aspect. 

Hygovac Bio is now available in two new sizes, providing an opportunity to broaden the application of use. The aspirator tube still has the same diameter and provides the same suction as previous Hygovac products. The shorter version is 95 mm and provides the option to choose the right length for each specific treatment. It is ideal for hygienists and will give easier access when working without assistance, and is now available from, codes CJT640-655. 

Besides the new Hygovac Bio the Hygovac range of aspirator tubes consists of Hygovac and the ventilated Hygovac Vent. The dual tips, with one traditional 45° end and one S-shaped, give the freedom of choice and increased patient comfort. With the new sizes, less material is used producing the product. 

Length: Hygovac Bio 120 mm and Hygovac Bio short 95 mm. Manufactured in bio-based polyethylene (PE).