Septodont BioRoot RCS - Much more than just a superior root canal sealant.

A new era of root canal sealing is born

The breakthrough properties of Active Biosilicate Technology allow Septodont’s BioRoot RCS to bring you a tight seal without using warm GP techniques.

Based on the same technology as Biodentine, BioRoot RCS changes the way root canal treatments are done – there’s no need to use a warm technique anymore which reduces the need for additional equipment and complex techniques as well as the time taken for the procedure.

4 Innovative Benefits for Successful Obturations

1. Superior Seal

BioRoot RCS gives a tight interface with outstanding adhesion to dentine and gutta-percha points; it has high microleakage resistance and there’s less chance of voids.


Tight dentine/BioRoot RCS/Gutta-Percha interface

Source: Internal Scientific file

The crystallization of BioRoot RCS gives a 3 dimensional seal and gives dentine structure mineralisation through hydroxy-apatite formation.  It also has better early microleakage resistance than when using a warm technique

2. Antimicrobial Properties

BioRoot RCS creates a favourable alkaline environment and the release of calcium hydroxide allows for an increase of pH>11which prevents bacterial growth leading to clinical failures.

pH Evolution (set material)

pH chart.jpg

Comparative  pH evolution of 3 root canal sealers: BioRoot RCS, AH Plus Jet (Epoxy resin ma trix) and Pulp Canal Sealer (Zinc Oxide Eugenol)

Source:  Internal Scientific file

3. Peri-apical Healing

BioRoot RCS maximises chances of success due to its high purity mineral formulation and it stimulates bone regeneration and promotes periodontal healing.

4. Easy obturations & Follow-up

BioRoot RCS allows the practitioner to do a fast placement of the sealer, easily coating the root canal walls and permitting rapid insertion of the gutta-percha points.  It has a working time of over 10 minutes and a setting time of less than 4 hours. 

BioRoot RCS has 5 mm Al radiopacity for easy follow-up on the radiograph and retreatment is simple: use in combination with Gutta-Percha points.

Clinical Implication

Clinical Implication.jpg


BioRoot RCS comes in a 35-application pack and there’s no need for additional material or specific coated cones.

BioRoot bottle.jpg