Packable bulk-fill composites are suitable for the reliable filling of large posterior cavities as part of secondary treatments. These materials cannot easily be used to fill very deep and narrow cavities that have undergone defect-oriented and minimally invasive preparation: perfect adaptation to the cavity floors and walls is often difficult to achieve. The use of flowable composites as base materials is a good alternative for this type of deep, narrow cavity, but they still need to be coated with a covering layer of packable composite. This two-phase process makes placing a restoration a time-consuming task.

VisCalor follows a completely new approach: the material combines the flowability of a flowable composite during application with the sculptability of a packable composite. While VisCalor bulk is a suitable material for narrow and deep cavities in the posterior region, the new universal VisCalor now also enables high aesthetic restorations in the anterior region.


VisCalor is the world’s first thermoviscous universal composite indicated for all cavity classes. While the bulk-fill version aimes at easy and quick restorations in the posterior region, VisCalor now also enables very aesthetic anterior restorations thanks to the large range of VITA shades.

Excellent and easy handling: Convince yourself of the material consistency, which thanks to the unique thermo-viscous-technology, can be applied like a flowable at the optimal time and is sculptable like a packable composite. The narrow and long cannula also facilitates the handling during application immensely. The quick and easy high-gloss polishing in combination with the high surface hardness make VisCalor a guarantor for durable and aesthetic restorations.

With VisCalor you can also achieve best aesthetic results with one shade only. The opacity and translucency of the material were adjusted so that the restoration cannot be distinguished from the surrounding tooth structure when used in the anterior region. Depending on needs and requirements, you can apply VisCalor in single or multilayer system.

With an enormously high filler content of 83 % w/w, VisCalor offers maximum stability and strength of the restoration. Therefore, this product is unlimitedly suitable for restorations of all classes, including those with chewing loads.
Especially the low volume shrinkage after light polymerisation of only 1.41 Vol.-% together with a very low shrinkage stress of 4.1 MPa ensures an optimal marginal integrity. This enables a high quality and durable restoration.


4mm with no covering layers: With VisCalor bulk, you can place single-phase bulk fillings without a separate covering layer, base fill or base. When applied at the bottom of the cavity, the material flows onto all regions like a flowable material to create a bubble-free monoblock restoration that then needs only to be sculpted and cured. The very impressive physical parameters mean that there is no need to apply a covering layer. The narrow, flexible cannula allows for direct application even in difficult-to-access areas and narrow cavities.
4mm increments: this means a relatively high proportion of the composite surface is in contact with the cavity margin, which turns the focus to the issue of shrinkage. With a volume shrinkage of only 1.44 % by volume and a shrinkage stress of 4.6 MPa, VisCalor bulk is in a class of its own among bulk-fill composite materials.

The flexural strength measurements also prove that VisCalor bulk is the ideal material. The material has a flexural strength of 164 MPa and the compressive strength of 335 MPa also indicates impressive longevity. Restorations performed with VisCalor bulk can therefore withstand day-to-day stresses for a long time.

VisCalor® Dispenser

Preheating dispenser for composite caps

With the VisCalor Dispenser, composite capsules can not only be warmed up, but they can also be applied immediately afterwards without the need to change devices, and their temperature can be maintained for a certain period of time. The composite is warmed up very quickly using near-infrared technology.

The VisCalor dispenser is the perfect device to use in combination with VisCalor bulk. This nano-hybrid composite has been specially developed for warming up, and the dispenser application gives the material a lower viscosity, allowing it to flow optimally on margins and undercut regions. This also prevents air bubbles and minimises the risk of marginal gaps.

Caps Warmer

Preheating device for composite caps

The VOCO Caps Warmer allows a short-term warming of up to 4 caps at the same time, which makes the device ideal for working with multiple shades. Depending on the clinical situation and the desired consistency, the Caps Warmer offers you 3 temperature levels. VisCalor must be warmed up at the highest level of 68 °C (level 3) to get the appropriate viscosity. The specially designed top part ensures homogeneous warming.

The VOCO Caps Warmer maintains the optimal temperature throughout the day and enables that the VisCalor caps are warmed up within 3 minutes. The capsule remains at the desired temperature for 20 seconds after removal from the Caps Warmer. During this time, you can process / apply the material. Immediately after the material cooled down you can sculpt it into the desired shape and polymerise it.