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GC is deeply committed to achieving excellent quality. By remaining true to this commitment, GC will continue to play a part in society through dental products in order to make the 21st century the ‘Century of Health’. Dental materials and devices are becoming increasingly advanced and complex, and it is important to ensure their quality and reliability. Through GC’s quality assurance system, the company provides improved products and services that offer the level of quality required by customers.

G-ænial® A'CHORD

The advanced universal composite with unishade simplicity



  • Direct restorative for Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities.
  • Direct restorative for wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities.
  • Direct restorative for veneers and diastema closure.


A’CHORD Simplification

  • With only 5 core shades achieves the aesthetics of the 16 classic Vita shades
  • Easy to polish and sculpt due to the non-sticky Bis-MEPP monomer and optimised filler-monomer
  • beautiful invisible and naturally fluorescent end results under any lighting conditions (UV and even near-UV)
  • exceptional polishing and high gloss retention thanks to specialised proprietary technology
  • Extended portfolio for extreme challenges: 2 cervical shades for elderly patients, 3 opaque for masking discolouration & preparation lines, 2 enamel for life-like translucency and 2 bleach shades for brighter smiles
  • State of the art composition for long-lasting restorations: High-performance Pulverised CERASMART (HPC) filler and Full- Coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technologies
  • Specific mix of monomers ensure durable shade stability for long lasting beautiful restorations
  • Radiopacity (318 % Al) optimizes radiographic follow-up over time.

G-ænial® Universal Injectable

High-strength restorative composite


  • Direct restorative for Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
  • Fissure sealant
  • Sealing hypersensitive areas
  • Repair of (in)direct aesthetic restorations, temporary crown & bridge, defect margins when margins are in enamel


  • Exceptional strength & wear resistance thanks to the combination of ultra-fine Barium fillers & GCʼs Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology
  • Suitable for any cavity class without size limitation
  • Strong enough without the need to cover with a conventional composite
  • Unique thixotropic viscosity, optimal for free-hand build-up of cusps
  • Wide range of shades in three levels of translucency
  • Excellent polishability and gloss retention

2021GUI-Preferred-Product-medal.jpg Members Choice Award.png


Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system


  • Class I restorations
  • Stress bearing Class II restorations (see technique guide for cavity preparations)
  • Non-stress bearing Class II restorations
  • Intermediate restorative
  • Class V and root surface restorations
  • Core build up
  • Amalgam replacement / alternative
  • Restoration of molar incisor hypo-mineralised teeth (MIH)
  • Restorations for geriatric and paediatric patients


  • Packable, non-sticky and moisture-tolerant (no rubber-dam needed), ensuring a fast and easy bulk placement
  • No need for conditioning or bonding with its inherent chemical adhesion and outstanding wettability
  • Prolonged working time and short setting time, making the total procedure from application to coating of only 3’25”
  • EQUIA Forte Coat nano-fillers increases surface hardness and wear resistance for long-lasting restorations
  • EQUIA Forte HT is a reliable system based on 12 years of clinical experience with the EQUIA family

G-Premio BOND

One-component light-cured universal adhesive


  • Direct bonding of light-cured composites and compomers to tooth structure
  • Bonding of dual-cure core build up composites to tooth structure, as long as these materials are light-cured
  • Intraoral repair of composite, metal-based and zirconia/alumina-based restorations
  • Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
  • Sealing of tooth preparation (cavity or abutment) for indirect restorations


  • Zero debondings: high & durable bond to tooth structure and indirect substrates thanks to 3 functional monomers
  • Zero discolorations: extremely thin film thickness (3µm) and strong bonding layer with high filler content
  • Zero post-operative sensitivity: dentin tubules either remain closed or are sealed by the adhesive, preventing sensitivity regardless of the use of etching or not
  • Zero mistakes: clear procedure and very low technique-sensitivity

G2-BOND Universal

The new standard of 2-bottle Universal Bonding


  • Direct restorations
  • Intra-oral repair
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS)
  • Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
  • Treatment of exposed root surfaces


  • G2-BOND Universal provides reliable results in self-etch and etch-and-rinse modes, allowing a wide range of indications to be covered with only one system with virtually no post-operative sensitivity.
  • The optimal thickness of G2-BOND Universal may act as a shock absorbing layer to avoid gap formation and debonding, especially with high shrinkage and bulk-fill composites.
  • Thanks to the Dual-H technology, the Primer ensures the quality of the adhesion and the Bond enhances the durability of the bonding layer.
  • With a HEMA-free composition, the stability of the margin is improved, allowing margins in anterior restorations to remain invisible over time.
  • The performance of G2-BOND Universal makes it an ideal product to use in a multiple range of indications: direct restorations, Immediate Dentine Sealing (IDS), repair of indirect restorations, treatment of hypersensitivity….


The ONE that simplifies all cementation procedures


  • Cementation of all types of all ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
  • Cementation of metal, ceramic, fibre posts, and cast post and cores.
  • Cementation of all ceramic and composite veneers.
  • Final cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments.


  • Excellent bond strength to enamel, dentine and to all indirect materials
  • Optimal bond strength for retentive and non-retentive preparations thanks to the optional Adhesion Enhancing Primer
  • Exceptional self-curing for your peace of mind when thick or opaque restorations are used
  • Increased moisture and saliva tolerance when Adhesive Enhancing Primer is used
  • Invisible, wear resistant margin for aesthetic outcome
  • 4 stable shades: A2, Translucent, AO3, White Opaque

everX FlowTM

Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentine replacement


  • Dentine replacement material for all direct composite restorations including large posterior cavities, deep cavities and endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing cusps or after amalgam removal and cavities where inlays and onlays would also be recommended
  • Core build-up


  • Optimal to strengthen large restorations thanks to the reinforcing effect of fibres
  • Excellent fracture toughness reducing the risk of catastrophic failures
  • Perfect thixotropy for an easy placement & adaptation
  • No slumping even in upper molars
  • Quick procedure when using the Bulk shade (with a layer thickness up to 5,5mm)
  • Excellent aesthetic results with the Dentine shade (in layers of 2mm)
  • Indicated both for dentine replacement and for core build-up preparations

FujiCEMTM Evolve

Paste-paste resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement


  • Metal and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns and bridges
  • Composite inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • High strength all ceramic (zirconia) crowns and bridges
  • All ceramic inlays, metal, ceramic and fiber posts


  • Low post-operative sensitivity
  • Moisture tolerant – no need for rubber dam
  • Good working time (2’15) and fast setting (4’30)
  • An ideal consistency for easy extrusion with one hand, low film thickness (12µm) and perfect adaptation
  • Tack cure option for easier excess removal
  • Brighter and less chromatic shade for universal clinical uses
  • Super-long chain hydrophilic crosslinking monomers, bringing strength & stability

Fuji II LC

Light-cured glass ionomer restorative

  • Clinically proven Fuji II LC restorative brings you all the advantages of a conventional glass ionomer - plus important advances like dual curing, immediate finishing and outstanding aesthetics.
  • With its simple, time-saving technique it is the ideal solution for many indications. Fuji II LC prevents marginal leakage, eliminates sensitivity and provides protection in high-risk patients.


Resin-modified glass ionomer cement

Fuji PLUS has been designed to offer you simple and error-free cementation procedures and a strong and durable bond you can rely on. The outstanding performance and the availability in various shades make GC Fuji PLUS a multi-purpose cement.

Fuji PLUS is a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement that has consistently delivered stress-free cementation for routine crown and bridge restorations.
It provides the highest level of confidence through exceptional long-term clinical results.

Fuji PLUSEWT has an extended working time for luting long-span bridge work, combination work and luting of several restorations in one step.


Self-adhesive resin luting cement in capsules delivery

G-CEM is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in capsules, designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, zirconia, alumina, metal or composite indirect restorations.

G-CEM combines the improved handling and self-adhesion of conventional cements with the superior mechanical properties, adhesion and aesthetics of resin cements.