Dental Air Purifier - AirHavn Pro

The AirHavn Pro filtration unit floods rooms and corridors with large amounts of clean air and reduces exposure to airborne particles including viruses. AirHavn Pro produces more clean air, for its size, than any other product on the market: 10 air changes per hour in a 30m2 room.

Airborne viruses are known to remain suspended and alive in the air for hours, allowing transmission even after the departure of the source. Air filtration provides an extra layer of protection by removing airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter that are known pathways of virus transmission. While the ability of a filter to remove airborne particles is critical, so too is the amount of clean air that the device can produce. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) combines both the filtration efficiency and the air flow rate. To be effective, an air filtration system needs to be able to produce enough clean air to outperform the sources of contamination.


How will this benefit dental practices?

The current guidelines recommend a 1-hour fallow period following AGPs, which consequently limits the number of patients that can be seen for such procedures per day. Therefore, Airlabs (the manufacturer of AirHavn Pro) has carried out controlled testing with expert engineers to establish the potential impact of the AirHavn Pro on the turnaround time of a typical dental surgery. The test results are summarised in this presentation and a more detailed report is available on request.

The test results show that the concentration of virus particles can be reduced to just 0.25% after 9 mins and 12 seconds! If there was no air cleaning occurring, it would take 1 hour to reach this same concentration of virus particles. Having a window open can further reduce the time is takes to reach this concentration.


Improve Patient Throughput



Key Features

High Air Flow Capacity - Delivers a high CADR of 705 m3/hr, enough to provide 10 air change per hour in a 30m2.

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Filter - The electrostatic cell filters 99% of particles less than 2.5um while maintaining high airflow rates. The filter is maintained through simple annual cleaning.

Engineered Nano-Carbon (ENC) Filter - The unique ENC filter removes toxic gas pollutants such as ozone, NO2 and VOCs that can be present within buildings and adversely affect respiratory health.

Low Total Cost of Ownership - The unique filter system of the Airhavn Pro results in significantly lower maintenance cost over the lifetime of the unit.

Compact Design - The Airhavn Pro occupies only 0.14m2 of the floor space yet delivers 705 m3/hr of clean air. Mounted on wheels, the compact unit can easily be moved to where it is needed most.

Lowe Power / Low Noise - Consumes only 125W of power, on the highest fan speed, at an ultra-quiet 51dB.




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Installation and maintenance

  • Easy to self-install – the unit plugs into a regular electric socket
  • Annual cleaning/maintenance of the filters is required – DD engineers are trained to carry this out.


Useful documents

AirHavn User Guide 1.2