Hello and welcome to another edition of Discover Magazine. 

We speak to Dr Robbie Hughes – a dentist not afraid to innovate – to learn more about his latest launch to get more dentists tapping into the lucrative composite veneers market. 

We explore effective fluoridation with Voco Profluorid Varnish and take a closer look at the exciting new technology behind Sanyei’s latest toothbrush innovation. 

Elaine Tilling, clinical education and project manager for TePe Oral Hygiene, tackles the issue of plastics and their impact on the environment and how we can all do more when it comes to the Three Rs. 

A-dec asks a burning question – what’s eating into your profits? They offer helpful advice on how you can grow your patients and profits. 

Our very own David LeGood and Neil Cottrell discuss Brexit and how it may impact the supply chain for dental practices. But don’t worry, they also share with us just how Dental Directory has prepared for every eventuality. 

And we also spend some time getting to know Dr Anoop Maini from Aqua Dental Clinic in our latest In The Chair interview.


Dr Farzeela Merali-Rupani

Head of Clinical


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