The ideal portable extraction and filtration unit for any dental surgery.


The Dental Aerosol KART helps to reduce risk of cross contamination between practitioner and patient during examination. With a market leading airflow to ensure optimum capture, it is designed to work alongside appropriate PPE and distancing guidelines. The Dental Aerosol KART works to disrupt the directional airflow between patient and practitioner to filter aerosol, dust and other pollutants in the work environment, ejecting filtered air away from clinician breathing zones.


It is simple to use and maintain, and there’s no need to vent outside as the filtered air is sent back into the room. Its sleek design means it will blend intoany dental surgery.


Due to the large adjustable flow rate, the Dental Aersol KART may be used for a variety of procedures between practitioner and patient and can be turned to maximum capacity for applications that involve heavier aerosol generation.


Features of the Dental Aerosol KART

  • Fully portable so can easily be moved into position without restricting the practitioner’s activity
  • Supplied with multi-joint arm and funnel capture device making this a versatile unit
  • Low noise level, so won’t interrupt practitioner patient interaction
  • Movable arms allow the inlet nozzles to be positioned in multiple locations to suit the practitioner or individual examination type
  • Detachable nozzles and inlets can be easily changed and cleaned
  • Three-stage filtration: DeepPleat pre-filter; HEPA filter; odour/gas filter
  • Our HEPA filter removes 99.997% of particles at 0.3 micron in size
  • Ergonomically designed
  • High air flow, ensuring maximum aerosol capture
  • Variable speed so you can adjust as required
  • Easy to operate
  • Filter condition indicator
  • Multi-voltage sensing unit to automatically sense the local voltage and adjust accordingly (90-257V)
  • British made and CE marked


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