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Why do I need my dental chair servicing?

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992 states that equipment must be serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations. In addition, Healthcare regulation along with infection control related documents state that all equipment be serviced and maintained.

Records of servicing, inspection and user validation checks must be kept and audited, and all members of staff must be fully trained in the safe operation of equipment prior to use.

How often do I need my Chair servicing?

The majority of manufacturers recommend you have an annual service.

How long will a chair service take?

It usually takes an hour to service a chair.

What does your Engineer do?

  • Check and record model and serial number
  • Switch off air, water and electricity to the centre
  • Remove any covers as necessary
  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing requirements, replace parts as required by manufacturer
  • Switch air, water and electricity to the centre on
  • Check for air and water leaks
  • Test air and water outlet pressures in line with manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Check tubing outlets for damage, repair or replace as required
  • Check stability of the treatment centre and repair as necessary
  • Check operation of safety devices and repair as necessary
  • Clean and inspect upholstery and ancillaries, recording any damage/wear and tear
  • Check operation of ancillaries, operating lights, spittoon, suction and drainage
  • Ensure that the unit is returned to original settings as found
  • Complete all paperwork
  • Highlight any damage/wear and tear or further action required to principal/practice manager

How much do you charge?

Pricing available on request phone 01376 391100.


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