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Suction air flow testing

The most effective way of dealing with aerosol is at source and so traditional suction is key.

We have developed a simple and effective service offering to ensure your aerosol is being managed as best it can be in the absence of additional extra-oral products. We have now tested thousands of suction systems in practice following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Our 3 step approach:

Measure the air flow (vacuum) from suction pump and chair side (HVE hose). We are aiming to achieve 300l/m as within detailed the attached.

Aspirator tip/ Cannula size. We are suggesting minimum 16mm wide bore disposable (extensive testing to prove 11mm less effective).

Exhausting of suction pump fume. Ideally its vented externally above head height. If not and vented (like most) is there a bacterial filter fitted to filter the air prior to it being circulated back into the room.

If the suction air flow is not 300l/m we will advise on how to repair. Least invasive are things like place select valves which can easily be removed (on single surgery pumps) out to assessing whether there is a loss in air flow from pipework under the floor.

We have our national network of engineers fully kitted out with suction vacuum gauges to accurately measure air flow and advise on any corrective actions required.


Handpiece and small equipment repairs 

Are you air generated handpieces all cleaned and serviced Get in touch and experience our first-class service: 

  • Free quotes and returns  
  • 24 Hour turnaround  
  • Original manufactured parts available  
  • Manufacturer trained technicians 
  • ISO Accredited

Call us on 01253 600090 or email repairs@DDgroup.com to request a Pre-paid repair pack. 

*Subject to technical telephone triaging of requests, where we remain committed to prioritise surgery down time.  ** Like for like service price match applies.